10 Tips for Better Emails!

It’s often easy to overlook the basics. Simplify your email marketing via these ten easy steps.

1. Get personal – create an exclusive club

Email is a great opportunity to humanise your brand. Make your email subscribers feel special and welcome them to the fam. The inbox is an intimate place, mostly used for personal conversation. Your presence there is a privilege, so do your best to write like a human. Provide exclusive offers only for your subscribers so they feel valued.

2. Use the inverted pyramid method
  1. Grab attention
  2. Build anticipation
  3. Call to action


3. Go for the small wins

Businesses are powered by small wins. Don’t bombard your database asking for orders and upgrades and be surprised when you get only 1% conversion. Try and get them reading a blog post or video first. These may be baby steps but they are steps in the right direction.

4. Use the unboxing technique

Consumers are always going to be wary of your product, especially when you are contacting them via their personal inbox.
Reassure your database that what they are receiving is truthful. Literally show the product in the email. If people see tangible evidence, they feel safer.
Check out how effective The Dollar Shave Club use this tactic through showing the actual product consumers receive.


5. Make your reader feel happy

Generosity is one of the most overlooked email marketing tactics. It’s not that hard to make people happy. What can you do to make your readers day a little brighter? If you aren’t ready to give something away, simply say something nice, tell an uplifting story or just ask how they are.

6. Gamify a process

There is a reason video games are so addictive. Try and take a similar approach with your emails. It doesn’t have to be high tech, just challenge the reader to engage. We encourage readers to engage by providing opportunities to ‘level up’, recognising their level of commitment to your organisation.

Trip advisor has done this brilliantly below.


7. Say thanks

Saying ‘Thank you’ sincerely and with heart feels good. Not just for the person receiving it but for the person offering it. It’s hard to remember after the 20th email that there is a person behind each message.

8. Use buttons

The simplest and most effective tip to follow. If you want people to click, use buttons.

What should my button say?
A great rule of thumb when writing a call to action is to make your button copy complete this sentence: I want to ________________


9. Use the 1-2-3 method

To easily clarify exactly what you want from the reader, place it in three simple steps.

Twitter does this well through adding an infographic with their three steps.


10. Use the same subject line every time

This tactic might be considered unconventional, but it’s actually very effective if your users trust you and your brand. This can be useful for newsletters and marketing emails too if you send them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Familiarity is a good thing provided the content is of value/use.
Source: https://www.getvero.com/resources/guides/email-marketing-best-practices/

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