Non-targeted eDM is dead..
For those businesses out there still doing this.. Please crawl back under a rock..
Not only are you annoying your ‘potential’ consumer your and p^%$ing them off!
By the end of 2016 thank god I believe this will be a thing of the past.

Getting to know your database is imperative. Personalise a message for them or a group of them. How? It’s time to work on segmentation, narrow them down even further into bite size segments. For some businesses dependant on database size this may mean groups os 100, 1000’s’ 10,000’s. The bigger the segment, i get it the less personalised you may be? However there certainly are ways and means of collecting personalised data from large groups..

Don’t get lazy, start gathering Data, analyse this data and start becoming a far more targeted communicator. Your biggest and best sales people are your current clients/consumers. Given today’s communication platforms their reach is far greater than yours….

Ben Vercoe – That Marketing Company

(Purely my thoughts, take it or leave it..)

Segment your database before you send an eDM — Ben Vercoe

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