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Highview Homes

Celebrating 50 years in the industry, Highview Homes is the leading builder of Australian period-style homes.

The challenge

With a diminishing market share and outdated approach to marketing, That Marketing Company pushed for a rebrand to re-energise the brand, company, and customers. We were approached for our specialty of Marketing Builders.

The strategy

With a vision to be recognised as the leading craftsmen and women of Australian period style homes, our brand research and strategy included reflecting the product and vision of Highview Homes with unique imagery, tone of voice and bold use of colour to stand out against competitors.

What we built

We constructed a branding framework that Highview Homes customers, staff and industry members quickly adopted. With their new look and approach, media publications and enterprises praised the company for the shake up on the eve of their big milestone of 50 years, giving Highview Homes significant PR exposure in return.

Highview Homes is now seen in the market place as a specialist in traditional homes, yet up to date and modern in their approach.


Celebrating 50 years

Reaching 50 years in the building industry was not only a huge achievement for Highview Homes, but also solidified their reputation as a trusted builder. The milestone needed to be celebrated and represented in all Highview Homes collateral. We created brand assets that showed the significance of the event.


Creating conversations with an online presence

Highview Homes has a range of unique styles of homes, so we developed an online campaign that highlighted the style’s individuality and prompted conversation. The ‘I am a…’ campaign saw great results with REA strip ads, with some of the creative reaching a .46 CTR (click through rate).

This campaign also worked well on Facebook with followers liking and commenting on the posts, listing why they like each style.

Sales suite signage

A display home sales suite should take prospects on a journey and that is exactly what we did for Highview Homes’ Hampton display in Sommerfields Estate. The walls highlight the characteristics of each heritage home style, as well as showing the process for purchase and the history of Highview Homes.

Events and PR

To further leverage and celebrate Highview Homes’ 50th birthday, we arranged PR and event appearances including the opening of the 2015 Melbourne HIA Home Show. Rex Sheppard, the founder of Highview Homes, had the pleasure of opening the Home Show alongside the Victorian Planning Minister, The Hon. Richard Wynne and the HIA Victorian President, Robert Griek.


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