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Harbourside Terraces

Why wait for the weekend? Choose a holiday destination you can call home.

The job

Harbourside Terraces was a bold move in what was seen to be a failing marketplace. Located in Martha Cove, Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, this development site’s sheer scale caused challenges, with two previous investment companies going into receivership releasing the project.

The game plan

Our strategy for this project was complex and multi-channelled. Not only did we need to change the perception of the development and target a new demographic, but furthermore to realign the marketplace on an achievable new entry price.

Bringing it to life

We delivered a successful campaign by targeting the demographic via a strategic brand look and feel, tempting them with an affordable lifestyle change.
That Marketing Company became the full outsourced marketing department for Harbourside Terraces, providing the following output:

  • Brochure
  • Sales collateral
  • Website
  • Inclusions book
  • Document folder
  • TVC and video
  • 3D Renders
  • Events
  • Merchandise
  • Photography
  • Signage (Billboard, banner hoarding, way-finding, lot boards)

Our tailored strategy produced an outstanding result for all parties, with over 200+ sales at Harbourside and the Terraces in a little over 12 months – a result never before seen on the Mornington Peninsula. This was not only a fantastic outcome for our initial clients but triggered a snowball effect for the rest of Martha Cove, with record sales achieved, all lots sold out and administrator files closed – now resulting in major profits for on sellers.

Events and Celebrity Endorsement

Harbourside Terraces Open Day was accompanied by Channel 9 Block celebrity Dale Vine. The day was a great opportunity for purchasers and potential purchasers to preview the quality of Edge Point Homes’ product and listen to some landscaping tips from Dale.

Collateral and requirements for the event included:

  • Marquee and catering
  • Photography and audio
  • Branded umbrellas 
  • Promoting the event via online communication and print 



Our other Martha Cove projects

That Marketing Company assisted in over $300,000,000 in property sales at Martha Cove between 2014-2015 across multiple precincts and projects.

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