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Hi Voltage Karts

Faster, meaner, greener, cleaner... and louder! Melbourne's first electric indoor go-karts have arrived.

Challenge accepted

Hi Voltage Karts is Melbourne’s first electric go karting centre. As a new business, Hi Voltage needed to take the market by storm. They needed a complete brand identity to set them apart from established competitors, as well as ongoing marketing and brand development following their launch.

Race ready

Following research of local and global competitors as well as motorsport branding, we kick started brand development. With their advanced technology, currently unparalleled in Victoria, we wanted to position them as modern and progressive, exciting and new, green and clean, and safe and controlled. We decided on a look and feel that is edgy and fun.

Appealing to a wide audience, a variety of graphic assets were created including icons, illustrations and a round edge font representing the curvaceous track. Splashes of colour represent oil slicks or bursts of excitement as racers accelerate around the track. Photography was styled to show motion of the karts and the racers’ perspective. We adopted a tone of voice that was fun and youthful while still conveying expertise.

Lightning fast growth

The team rolled out everything Hi Voltage needed to launch with impact including:

  • A customised, interactive website with the functionality to evolve as the business grows
  • Brand up pack – logo, corporate identity, secondary graphics and image look and feel, supporting collateral
  • Signage
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Social Media

Taking over social media

With a clear social media strategy including designed graphics, posts pre-launch to establish the brand, as well as social media promotions to encourage engagement, we have worked to build a highly interactive follower base, who regularly engage with posts by liking, commenting, posting, using the hashtag #legendlap, sharing and tagging their friends in posts.

Hi Voltage saw their social media community grow at lightning speed.

Their Facebook likes reached over 2,000 just a couple of days after they opened. In just under 6 months Facebook likes have grown to over 7,000. Posts have seen an average of 3,316 people reached, 35 likes, shares and comments and 78 post clicks. The page has also received 97% 5/5 star reviews.





Capturing the adrenaline…


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