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Roberts Designs

A cut above the rest Re-inventing a huge product catalogue online, so wholesalers can discover and order the products they need, then and there.

The project

Take a very dated product catalogue website and transform it to showcase the Roberts product range in the quality it deserves, whilst aligning the online presence with its new branding.


A warehouse online

With so many products, we needed to ensure that users could find what they wanted, quickly and easily. The user journey had to be intuitive to navigate the huge assortment of products within the website.


Packed full of function

Our new website solution is packed with everything you’d expect a brand’s website of this size to have. With a modern and clean interface design and a responsive backbone, the experience is always optimised and easy to use.

A huge eCommerce solution plugin into the core of the website ensures that over 90 wholesalers can log in with their account details, and instantly see their unique product pricing structure.

Approved retailers can build their order and checkout with the stock they need and orders are placed and emailed to Roberts directly, ready for pack and picking.

Looking for a retailer or distributor is also easy with an interactive map that shows all retailers and distributors across Australia. Includes street or suburb predictive text search powered by Google Maps API, as well as a KM search around your search entry. All in all, pretty clever stuff.


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