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South Hampton

Luxurious accommodation with stunning views in beautiful Red Hill. Live the high life at South Hampton.

The project

Create an online presence that showcases South Hampton’s luxurious accommodation in the beautiful surroundings of Red Hill.

With a new brand and logo mark developed in house, we extended this luxurious brand online into a web interface that leaves you breathless with envy.

Design fit for a king and his queen

When starting with an elegant brand mark, mixed in with awe-inspiring location photography, the website design really showcases all that South Hampton accommodation has to offer.

A responsive design allows the website to showcase its beautiful photography across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Book your piece of heaven

Integrated into this beautiful design, is an accommodation booking function, allowing users to book online and access date based and mid week booking pricing options. This allows South Hampton to periodically update prices to seasonal or on-demand booking rates.

Built as a custom responsive WordPress theme, we’ve built the admin to be amazingly flexible to allow for client content updates and changes.


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