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Nauru Airlines

Taking flight with Nauru Airlines A unique opportunity to work with an airline carrier presented itself and we rose to the challenge.

The project

The existing online presence for Air Nauru was dated and difficult to navigate. With a non-responsive framework, coupled with a design that was over a decade old, the refresh could not have come any sooner.

Integrating WordPress

Air Nauru was built and run on a third-party content management and booking system. Whilst this third party system was great at looking after the online sales and booking bums on seats, the system was not overly great at allowing staff to edit the sales content of the website.

The team at TMC custom built and installed a WordPress powered sales website and further integrated their online booking widget to work in conjunction with Air Nauru’s third party flight systems. All in all, the perfect combination of customisation and functionality for the client.

Worlds apart

The end result really was worlds apart from the original website, both visually and functionally.

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